IP Issue with Cloudflare During AWS migration

My site is giving me a Cloudflare IP, but I attempted to migrate my site to Amazon Web Service (AWS). The IP that’s showing when I check WhatsMyDNS belongs to Cloudflare BUT I disconnected my site from Cloudflare and don’t recognize that IP, it’s not the IP that was associated with GoDaddy, and it’s not my AWS IP.

Can someone help me determine how to figure out where this IP is coming from so I can complete the transfer of my website to AWS and ensure the correct name servers?

Again, I can no longer reference this information in my Clourdflare account because I removed the site already, thinking that AWS was successfully setup. I learned today that the site was still connected to Cloudflare.


Can you do a NS lookup of your domain? Verify whether is it still returning Cloudflare nameservers?

Thanks. I did a reverse NS lookup and the name servers point to Amazon.

But the IP is still Cloudflare

I have someone working on it now to correct the configurations on AWS. I’ll come back if there are other issues. Thank you.

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