IP is blocked in Russia


We have encountered promblem with blocking our ip, we have got from cloudflare. The problem is that our ip is also used by some other site which is blocke.
We would like to change frontend IP (that one which our customers see)

How we can change this IP adress?

Can you change our front IPs in Russian?

Generally you cant but that is a topic for a support ticket -> https://support.cloudflare.com/requests/new


Thank you


I’m new here - where do I go at that link?


Last button.


Thank you. It says that generally I can create a new account, but it wouldn’t help because cloudflare will gave the same IP.
Not good )
Does someone knows what else is possible to do?


That is what support told you?

It was my originally assumption but if support confirmed it now as well there is not much more you can do.


Dont’ have their answer yet. Just searched in FAQ and topics.
Thank you for your response.