IP is blacklisted


This IP is blacklisted. Need to fix.


That’s a Cloudflare IP.

But what should be fixed?

Delist this IP from blacklist.

Which blacklist? If this is mail related, Cloudflare does not handle mail at all, so there cant/shouldnt be anything listed in the first place. If it is, it is a mistake on the list maintainer’s side.

In this https://www.abuseat.org/

Can you post a screenshot of the reason why the address was listed?

It’s probably a valid alert (malware on someone’s site), but I do wonder why it’s an issue if it’s not the OP’s site. What problem is this causing for the OP’s website?

I wonder why they list the address in the first place. They should list the domain in question. Thats not even Cloudflare specific (whose concept is still somewhat unique). How long does shared virtual hosting exist? When did HTTP 1.1 introduce the host header? :smile:

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I think that’s the bigger problem. Because your website shares an IP address with a compromised website…we’re going to…blacklist your Email?

Well, these lists are sometimes blackmailers anyhow (particularly Spamhaus). I remember the case when they listed an entire domain registry because it did not give into their demands to cancel a particular domain.

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Hel sr
Could you help me sr please and tell me what happened for this IP this one was send it to me

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