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I’m new to cloudflare and i have a doubt, cloudflare asks me to update my website NS to cloudflares NS, the thing is, i cant change the NS fo my website because my domain name manages a few things as mail server sercurity firewall… so i only want change the IP of my a records to cloudflares… how can i find the right IPs?


You need to use Cloudflare’s name servers in order to add your site to Cloudflare. Or some hosts have a partnership with Cloudflare where they use their own name server. But you can not put Cloudflare’s public IP addresses in third party DNS for your domain.

Generally, your Cloudflare DNS records will be an exact match of your current DNS records, including mail servers, so your mail server’s firewall should still work.


I’m not sure i understood.

  1. the registrar Networksolutions (manages DNS’s for my domain)
  2. Email server Third party (domain MX records points here)
  3. Web server (godaddy) (registrar points A recods to webserver IP)

Where do i add the DNS? Registrar or Webserver?

Sorry, but as i said i’m new to this and i dont wanto to make a mess…

Here are their instructions:

You will have to go to your registrar (NetSol) to change the name servers for your domain.

GoDaddy probably has all the current DNS records for your domain. You will have to double-check them as part of the process outlined above. This it to make sure that Cloudflare has all the DNS records to match GoDaddy.

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