IP instead CNAME


I use partial setup with cname.
Unfortunately my client do not want to change root record to cname so instead
mydomain[.]tld CNAME mydomain[.]tld[.]cdn[.]Cloudflare[.]net
he set
mydomain[.]tld A (one of ip of cloudfront)
So far it is working but how long?

Hopefully that is a typo?

Doing this should work forever, but it is not supported.

They should set A and AAAA records for all the addresses (usually 2 or 3 addresses for v4 and v6), and use an external service to monitor mydomain.tld.cdn.cloudflare.net for changes. Changes usually do not matter as Cloudflare will respond correctly even on the wrong IP address.

Who is their authoritative DNS provider?

Hi Michael
Thanks for reply.
Self hosted dns.

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