IP high ping, support not resolver


my website on cloudflare, resolver ip cloudflare

check ping ip on https://tools.keycdn.com/ping

Brazilian locate is 2000ms +

I have 2 days that I try a solution with cloudflare, I just need to change the route of my website to an ip without problems of ping.




I tried that test: https://tools.keycdn.com/ping
And Sao Paolo was 1.103 seconds. Not nearly as horrid as Sydney at ~24 seconds.

With that being said, I’m not entirely sure that Pinging an IP address gives you as accurate a result as TTFB and general performance testing for your site’s HTTP/S requests.

I don’t think changing your IP address will help, as it’ll still use Sao Paolo (or whatever is closest) for local users.

Have you tried Securi’s test? https://performance.sucuri.net


High Pinging more than 200ms, sometimes even request time out.

I’m pinging my site from Indonesia, but the result is over than 200ms.
This is very strange to me, because ping is usually just under 50ms.

Can anybody help me or suggest me to resolve this problem?