IP getting blocked


I play on a gta roleplay server which uses your services for DDOS protection and such and I recently found out that you guys are blocking my ip address for connecting to the server or using the website.

I’m reaching out to you today to let you know that i’m having this issue to see if we could come up with a solution to fix this issue

May I ask if the blocked IP address is your’s by your ISP, or the server’s IP address?

From my understanding, firstly the server should allow Cloudflare IP addresses to connect to it.
Later on, the server owner should make sure to restore the true IP visitor/user IP address and show up at his log file (the owner should not see the Cloudflare IP, rather the real visitor IP).

Furthermore, if the owner is using Cloudflare for DDoS protection, may I ask what kind of a requests are you sending to the server that get’s triggered by it’s Firewall or some other way around to block your IP address from connecting?

Nevertheless, I hope you are not a “cheater” player, so they kick or ban you from connecting to the server for some defined time-frame, and now you are hoping to get back into it?

Therefore, regarding Cloudflare DDoS protection, if you are not the owner of the server, I am afraid you cannot do anything due to owner’s decision and security setup as he wants to have and available options for him to protect it’s own gaming server.

May I ask have you tried restarting your router to get a new IP address, or using a VPN service and try that way?

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I am having the same problem with CloudFlare protected web site. Was able to get on the two sites until June 15, 2021. I am using a VPN but it makes no difference but will try the Router reboot. Both sites that are denying access a people/address search sites. That may seem minor to some but I use 2 sites along with 2 others to verify person/address combo so the flyers for my business don’t deadhead to an abandoned home w/half of the mail box on a post the other half gone.
Also unless one is buying one of their services — good luck getting to talk to something that has real blood flowing thru it’s veins.

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