IP Geolocation-TMDHosting

Hi, I connect to Cloudflare through my web host, TMDHosting. I’m trying to get IP Geolocation to work on my website, and I asked them for help, but they gave me this response:

<<<Thank you for contacting TMDHosting Support Team.

Even though you use Cloudflare through your cPanel with us, this is not connected to their IP Geolocation feature.

We can advise you contact them in regards to this.>>>

Is there a way to get IP Geolocation to work when Cloudflare is set up through a web host?

Hi @leia, have you tried to enable IP Geolocation? Go to the network tab of the Cloudflare dashboard, scroll down to IP Geolocation, if it is off, slide to enable (button will turn green). If it’s already enabled, are you not seeing the “CF-IPCountry” header?

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We’ve enabled it, but it’s not showing up.

The header is not showing up? You could try restoring original ips, options here https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/sections/200805497-Restoring-Visitor-IPs. And, can you share the domain name here?

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