IP Geography / Pages Rule


I am using Pages Rules for to a permanent redirect. Since I have been using redirection, all traffic is coming from the United States, whereas until now, the traffic is coming from France.

As soon as I deactivate the redirection, the traffic comes back to France. Can you help me? Thank you!

How are you determining where the traffic is coming from?

The service provider provides us with an analytical part, with real-time audience. As soon as the rule is activated, traffic increases dramatically from the United States. As soon as it is deactivated, the traffic decreases and returns to France.

Link : https://streams.a ir ze n.fr/

Your provider is looking at the Client IP address. Once you enable Cloudflare Proxy this will always be a Cloudflare IP address. When using Cloudflares Proxy, they need to restore the client Ip, and use the CF-Connecting-IP header to see the end users IP address.


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