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I linked domains to Cloudflare and installed ssl, but my sites are located on VDS and I was told that for these domains in Cloudflare you need to specify the IP of my server. I do not know where to do it

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I think that you are talking about DNS records. You’ll need to obtain your VDS’s IP address (if you don’t know, contact your provider).


  • If it looks like this ( ), create an A record with NAME set to the subdomain name that you want to use (or @ if you want to use your root domain name).
  • But if it looks like this ( 2606:4700:1001::73e:a1:: ), then you should create instead an AAAA record with the information specified above.

You can create DNS records in your DNS section of your domain in Cloudflare’s dashboard.

Also, remember to proxy (:orange:) those DNS records, so that you can use Cloudflare’s protection and CDN.

Hope it helps!


Yes, I want to use root domain name. Should I write “[email protected]” or like in the photo “@”?

I did so, I hope it’s right

Hello. Yes, it should work fine with the configuration that you placed in the picture. Hope it works!

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