Ip for my site was highjacked

How do I reclaim IP.

Sorry this domain doesn’t appear to be using Cloudflare. You should check with your registrar.

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Cloudlflare is my registrar. Ip was highjacked

That domain hasn’t used Cloudflare in over a month. It is now registered with Wild West Domains. Does this sound familiar to you?


Hi @daves1997, I don’t see any registrar invoice for that domain. As mentioned by @cscharff
& @sdayman, the domain is not using cloudflare; the name servers were changed from Cloudflare over one month ago. I see a whois update from 2021-03-05T that coincides with that timing.

I see your ticket and have added myself to it to track progress. If the domain was not on cloudflare registrar and name servers can only be changed at your registrar, you may want to contact your former registrar (if wild west domains is not familiar to you) and find out why the change happened.


Just my 2 Cents: Did you maybe forget to renew the Domain? The Historical DNS Data shows that the Domain got created on 2006-01-21. When i remeber correctly .com Domains have a Grace Period of 40 Days. When you forgot to renew the Domain would be expired End January 2021. The Grace Period would be over somewhere in the Beginning of 03-2021. That means that someone other could buy the Domain from any Registar at this Point. Like @cloonan mentioned the Domain got a Whois Update on 2021-03-05T. Normally there would be a whois Update in January to Update the Whois Entry with the new Expiration Date, but instead we got a Whois Update and change of Nameserver in March which would be right after the Grace Period ended. For me this seems like you forgot to renew your Domain and someone else grabbed it. But maybe i oversee something else


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