IP filtering on select sites

This is somewhat of an odd question.

I have been trying to go to websites such as {redacted} and I keep getting:

"The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is"

Upon doing some research and talking to a technical friend, there are some Cloudflare headers which we think mean Cloudflare is restricting me access to very select sites on my home network. My home IP may have been put in some sort of blacklist. Hopefully this all makes sense.

I’d like to resort to resetting IP last, but if that is the only option, i’ll take it.

That doesn’t sound like a Cloudflare message. Can you post a picture of that?

The headers have CloudFlare in them.

As I would expect for any site proxied by Cloudflare. But the content in your screen is not generated by Cloudflare.

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