Ip error, wrong ip , 404 page

Hey, i recently added my site to Cloudflare and up until that my domain was connected to my hosting server’s global Cloudflare server(which still is). Also I installed and configured w3 total cache at the same time with Cloudflare CDN. Just putting it here if it’s matter.

And since then people from a few other places started seeing a 404-page error instead of my homepage and my Bluehost people looked into it and detect that Cloudflare proxy IP not pointing towards their server and that is what causing 404 error and it’s out of their hand if I use Cloudflare CDN.

I couldn’t find any way to talk to Cloudflare so I’m here for anyone to help me with this problem.

What should I do and is it possible for me to fix the IP forwarding problem manually from Cloudflare DNS?

Here in DNS Checker they asked to update this IP address and I have no clue how.


Hi @barteringzoomllc,

That is a Cloudflare IP and you can’t change that. Deprecated - Why does a DNS lookup on my domain not return the IP address I configured?.

Unless you have multiple IPs configured under DNS in your Cloudflare dashboard (in which case, one may be incorrect, hence sometime you see a 404), then any 404s must be returned from your host.

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Thanks for your help…

I don’t know which ip is right or wrong…i did not configure anything in dns settings…is there anyway i can check if the ip put in my @ record for my domain is the incorrect one and if so how can i get the correct ip ?

You just need to go to the DNS section of your Cloudflare dashboard and you will see all the records configured for your domain. The IP address there should match the one provided by your host.

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