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I have recently tried to run tor bridge relay on my two servers which likely resulted in my DNS/IP blacklisted. Now I can see I’m getting 403 with cloudflare on my other services. Firstly I’d like to ask why cloudflare have issues with tor even tho those were no exit nodes and secondly I have now turned those relays off and would like to get my DNS/IP removed from blacklist.

those are the servers


Also is this blacklist permanent?
Thank you.

Can you screenshot and/or post the HTTP responses of these 403’s? They might be Cloudflare but having that would confirm whether or not it is.

Yes sure. Please find the curl responses attached.

a simple 403 doesn’t indicate the 403 is being sent by Cloudflare, the HTTP response should also include error HTML if CF was the one that caused the 403.

So what can I do to confirm this?
I was working with zensystems engineer today to confirm everything was working correctly on my side. He confirmed I was not blocked or blacklisted on their side and only thing between is cloudflare.
I had tor relay running for couple of days which seem quite plausible could cause CF to blacklist me for some reason (spam, too much traffic, what do i know)

Also are those bans permanent or more flexible? If the behaviour causing the block stopped should I expect this will resolve?

I’d recommend you post the HTTP response body here, not just the headers. CF will send a response body whenever it blocks a client unless the client is undoubtedly a malicious actor.

You should also try setting up a temporary vpn on that host or something along those lines to see if regular web browsing to other CF websites is affected. If that IP has a malicious threat score, you will probably be blocked on a lot of services.

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Te body of the response is rather long so I will just post from one host so you can see if it is of any help.

I have tried various pages to check status of my servers and none showed any blocks/malicious score.
Also I have tried couple of cloudflare protected page with the same result, no CF pages I can connect to without problem.

Is there any service where I could check my IP/hostname to see whether CloudFlare is blacklisting it?

No answers to anything? Support ticket came back with copy & paste as was expected and in mean tie my servers are inactive and I’m loosing money…

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