IP cloudflare canada > France

hello, I just did a location test of my server.
The result is very surprising: Canada Cloudflare.
Is it possible in Cloudflare pro version to put the IP in France.


What did you use to test?

Cloudflare uses anycast IP addressing, so every Cloudflare data centre announces all Cloudflare IP addresses. Likely the location has been determined as a Cloudflare data centre close to the test server origin.

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Hello thanks
how can I check if cloudflare offers a French IP from France?

Hi there,

Cloudflare IPs are unicast, meaning the same IP addresses will be announced from every colo instead of tied to a particular geographical location.
We do have datacenters in France, specifically in Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris.
More information here:

EDIT: as an end note you can easily check which datacenter is serving you by browsing to the path /cdn-cgi/trace in your address yourdomain.com/cdn-cgi/trace:
Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 13.41.43

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 13.43.15

Take care.

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