Ip cloudflare banned in Russia

One of the ip Cloudflare banned in Russia, because of this, the site stopped working and had to disable proxying. How to deal with this?


check the status of ip can be on the website of the Russian Federation - https://blocklist.rkn.gov.ru/

Thats a common issue -> https://community.cloudflare.com/search?q=russia

There is not much you can do. You could remove your domain, create a new account, add the domain anew, and hope that Cloudflare will assign a new IP address but there is not guarantee that you will get a new IP address nor that this address might not get quickly blocked as well.

Doesn’t Cloudflare have to figure out what exactly their ip address in Russia has blocked? Our site has nothing to do with blocking, we just got a blocked ip address. like Cloudflare should block sites on its own at the request of the state in order to avoid blocking ip addresses

Cloudflare isnt blocking anything, Russian ISPs are probably using official compiled lists to impose these blocks.

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