Ip cloudfare

My name is Daniel Ciommiento, I am the founder of MarketerClass. My academy is currently on Teachable and I would like to associate the domain of MarketerClass.com in it.

To associate the domain in the academy the steps to follow are the following:

  • Buy a domain from a domain registrar (for example, Godaddy, Wordpress, BlueHost, etc.).
  • Edit your domain name servers to change your DNS settings.
  • Create a CNAME record that points your custom domain to your school.
  • Add the domain to the Site> Domains section of your school administrator.
  • Set the domain as the primary domain of your school.

(I can’t find the IP)

What is cloudflare’s IP?


There’s nothing in those instructions that require an IP address. CNAMEs don’t need one.

Or are you asking for the IP address for the name servers? Some registrars ask for that as well. If so, then we would need to know which name servers they assigned.

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