IP Changes Keep Reverting Back

So, my host migrated to some other server and asked me to change the IP. I did so and it was fine for a couple of days. But then yesterday Cloudflare seemed to revert to the old IP and I was getting “Account Suspended” everywhere.

I asked the host for help and they made some changes and it was up and running after a few hours. However, this morning it seems to have gone back to the same old setting.

How do I make the changes last?
(I know there are some similar queries in the forum but they did not answer my issues)

Hi @thetravellingslacker,

You can check the Audit Log to see how/why the records were changed. It is likely you have some 3rd party with your API key managing your DNS. If it looks like that is the case, you can change the API key.

To view the audit log,
Log into Cloudflare and on the account home page (where you see your domains listed, click ‘Audit Log’


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Yes, you were correct about the 3rd party. I am using Ezoic for Ads and it seems that their system overrides Cloudflare settings. I have now sorted it out from Ezoic’s end.

No problem, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

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