Ip Changes automatically

Hi, I have setup a firewall rule using cloudflare and I have white listed my public ip address. But it changes automatically and I get denied. So is there a solution for that

Which website/URL you are trying to protect? Is it something like a sensitive application or login pages?

If yes, I would recommend you to protect it using Cloudflare Access instead.


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Wp-admin page of wordpress, and I am using cloudflare access. In cloudflare access too I have created a rule that only allows my ip address but my ip changes automatically. So it’s difficult to whitelist each and every ip. So what can I do

Why not allow based on your email address? IP address is definitely difficult to manage especially dynamic IPs.

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Hmm, you are right. But how I will know how many people hit the firewall or were blocked. Cloudflare firewall shows that , what about access

Access only logs who attempt to login.

Is there any option to block them

They will get blocked if you are not allowing any other email address in Cloudflare Access.

Does the IP address change within a certain range i.e. many ISPs run 1.2.x.x where the change is only within those last 2 octets.

If so, although not as good as only allowing a single IP, potentially allowing 1.2.x.x (or say) might give you a good enough degree of security and not be so brittle to your dynamic IP changes?

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