IP changed to a Colombian one?

My blog has been on Cloudflare for some time and until this point my Cloudflare IP (the IP visible to anyone accessing my site) has been an American one. However, I noticed that my Cloudflare IP changed to a Colombian one. Is there anyonything I can do to change it? I don’t want my visitors to think that my website is less relevant to Americans since it has a Colombian IP due to being behind Cloudflare.

Thanks for any help

No, you can’t change this and it doesn’t impact your end users. Your users are still connected to the closest colo and will not see any change. Personally, I don’t think many people will be looking at the IP and location however if they do they’re also more likely to know how Cloudflare works.

we’re having an issue now where some affected users have their firewall block access to our websites because it is being served up by cloudflare from a colombian IP range. whilst this may be the fault of the firewall, it would be nice to have the option for us to restrict page serving from certain data centres

Cloudflare’s datacenters use anycast which means that they advertise all their IP ranges from all of their datacenters. This means it is up to the end user’s router to decide the path/route that it is going to take to get to Cloudflare.

Their blog post:

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