Ip changed on the server - errors and propagation

Hi to all,

this is the first time my provider had to change server and now they gave me the new IP-

Since the NS on my domain registar is already pointed to cloudflare, I have changed only the 3 fields with A with the new IP.

I didn’t touch CNAME; MX and TXT
I have the email service elsewhere so I thought that should be enough. But maybe I am wrong.

Following what I’ve read here I have used Diagnostic Center with my domain name and I got a few errors and since I am in no way an expert in this I am asking you for help

These are the errors found:
not_found_ds_record - The hostname has no DS records.
slow_ttfb - The response was slower than 800ms.

Also following advice I have used DNS Checker
with the new IP and checking A
from all the servers I only get 3 that are in green (propagated I think)

I did this almost 2 hours ago and after being offline for over 24h I need to get things right because this is hurting my forum.

Can you please help out

That could indicate a DNSSEC issue.

What’s the domain to begin with?

Site addresses

Appears to load fine for me and also at sitemeer.com/#https://copybot.club

It might be a local issue on your side, try another browser or clearing your cache.

Only thing, it is not proxied, but that’s not necessarily a problem.

With me using forum address with the tool you mentioned it says
“Hmm, copybot.club is only partially available”

That’s because the forum path returns a 500 but that comes from your server and you need to fix this there.

Sandro I have no idea on how to do that
do you know…

It’s bad when your provider change things and leave you with things to solve
worse cPanel access isn’t yet available

" Maximum Users Exceeded.

The number of users on the server exceeds the maximum number of allowed users for your host server.

For more information, contact your hosting provider: “Who is my hosting provider?

If you have already updated your license, please wait a few minutes. Then try logging in again."
Provider says that it will be solved as soon as cPanel resolves the issue

I am afraid you need to talk to your host about this. This is not Cloudflare related.

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