IP change takes longer to propagate



Hi everyone.

My sites are in cloudflare DNS since 2 years. I changed my server IP multiple times. I did dot face any issue earlier, it did not notice any delay in propagation.

but, 2days back, I made a changes in my server IP, but, it is still has not been propagated. Usually IP change, i never faced such delay.

Is it normal?


That’s because of your domain TTL value. If you are gonna change IP frequently, lower TTL.


It is configured as automatic in cloudflare, that meas 5 minutes right.


Yes, Automatic is about 5 minutes.

Give this tool a try and see what shows up:

If your IP doesn’t change, all I can suggest is to try it again: Delete the entry, and re-add it.


Is the record orange clouded? An orange clouded record is proxied by Cloudflare. The external facing IP address won’t change in that scenario when you update the record in Cloudflare. Instead, our proxy changes where we direct the traffic.