IP change in my site

Please tell me how to change the IP address of the domain name which is connected to the Cloud

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First login here

Second step select the DNS tab

Third step change the A Record of your root domain (yourdomain.com) to the new IP Adresse and most likely for www too. Just click into the field that shows your current ip an you can edit it.

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No, You do not understand, there is an IP address of my hosting server, I do not need to change it! You need to change the IP address of Cloudflare because This IP is blocked.

Go to your Cloudflare panel and go to firewall, whitelist the ip that is blocked and you’re good to go!

As showed in this screenshot:

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The way I understand it now (after the OP’s follow-up)

is that he does not actually want to change his DNS settings to a different address but wants a different IP address from Cloudflare as the one(s) resolved to his domain name appear to be blocked in some way.

Otherwise you can’t change the ip’s from the actual Cloudflare nameservers, just if you change the nameservers just with an paid account.

You want to change the CF IP your domain resolves to? This is not possible.

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