IP Canonicalization, Status Code: 403


Merhaba bu hatayi nasil duzeltebilirim ?

IP Canonicalization

If the IP ( of this domain gets called, it should redirect to the real homepage of this domain. Not redirecting requests on the IP can cause Duplicate Content issues.
Status Code: 403


Not a problem that can be solved with Cloudflare. It won’t cause duplicate content issues because no one will be accessing your site via the bare IP address because a. we don’t support accessing any site through Cloudflare that way and b. they won’t see the same content.

This isn’t actually a problem, even if you could see the same content. If there’s a testing tool which says it is, that tool was probably designed by an unemployed liberal arts major who learned a little bit of scripting and decided to become an “SEO Expert”.


Thank you so much for giving me an explanatory answer.


Dude…harsh. Unless you’re referring to Susan Mauldin.


Nah I actually have a lot of respect for Susan Mauldin. I know plenty of music majors and they generally make pretty darn good tech people because they understand discipline and logical thinking. Journalism majors like myself however… gotta watch those guys. :wink: