IP Canonicalization (IP to domain)

We are using digital ocean VPN server + cloudflare for dns.

We have 6 websites which is pointing to same IP address of digital ocean.
Is we can re-direct IP address to domain url home page? (Ip address to Domain)

Is we can fix this IP Canonicalization issue?

(Like: Redirect us to https://facebook.com/)

Thanks in advance.

That article is not very clear on what it is trying to say. Overall requests should redirect to one common hostname. In Cloudflare’s case the IP address wont be relevant anyhow, as requests to IP addresses wont work on Cloudflare in the first place but will always require the actual hostname.

Thank you for your replay.

Is there anyway we can assign IP to each domain?

(Any free / paid solution?)

Thank you.

Not really. Business plans sometimes are more dedicated, but even in these cases IP access wont work. Overall it is also rather pointless, search engines care about content, not IP addresses.

Thank you for response.

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