Ip Blocker is Not Working Properly

I have a free membership. I wanted to block some IPs using the firewall. I added and blocked up to 15 Ip. But the Ip blocker is not working properly. They can still access my site. Is there a problem?


They could be hitting your server directly and bypassing Cloudflare.

Which setting are you using to block IP addresses? Is it Firewall Rules, or the IP Access Rules?

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I’m using firewall rules. I’ve tried to block it from the Cpanel server before, but the new versions have problems. The only thing that comes to my mind right now is through htaccess.

Please check photo

I believe you would want to use OR as the condition here. Also probably easier to block using the IP firewall section further down the WAF page.


I love Cloudflare. Working with you after I grow my job will be both pleasure and honorable.
By the way, I figured this out. :nerd_face:


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