IP blocked on CloudFlare network

Hello Everyone,

Last week our server was hit with spam where it sent close to 5,000 spam emails in a matter of 2 - 3 hours. We cleaned it up and made sure no spam has been sent out since last week.

However, during that period our IP was blacklisted on 4 different databases (looked up using mxtoolbox.com), Now, I’ve worked with all of them and go the IP delisted almost 3 - 4 days ago and checked to make sure IP is not blacklisted on spamhaus or others either.

However, we are unable to access an API endpoint for a Cloudflare customer, specifically quickbase.com

Quickbase installs are hosted in abccompany.quickbase.com format and we were able to make API requests to this endpoint all the time, just since last week, our API requests are not working and I can see the Cloudflare (checking for Javascript) screen when trying to access the API.

We put up a ticket with Quickbase and they asked me to contact Cloudflare. I’ve started a ticket with Cloudflare support too but haven’t heard anything back.

ticket number: 2428122

Is there a way to see what database Cloudflare is following to block the IP?

It’s a static IP from our server and obviously something I can’t change with such a short term notice.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

I don’t think this is the right direction to send you in, you will not be able to contact support without a Cloudflare Plan and they will not divulge information about customer’s configurations anyway. The company should be able to check their Cloudflare Firewall Events Log to see exactly which security setting is blocking you and adjust that or allow you to bypass the protection.

Sure, however can Cloudflare disclose why an IP is blocked (what blacklist or other reason)?


This is not published anywhere and it’s unlikely that they will give any information on a specific IP.

The information that is available is here:
https://developers.cloudflare.com/firewall/recipes/block-ip-reputation/. They point to Project Honeypot for IP reputation but that’s not the only source. https://www.projecthoneypot.org/

Yeah, I’ve already checked all major blacklists and we are not listed anywhere, not sure why it’s still blocking.

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