IP blocked. Not on projecthoneypot. ISP refused to release dhcp

TLDR: How do I contest what appears to be an IP being blocked by Cloudflare?

I am NOT on the projecthoneypot list.

Every cloudflare IP I try to reach is blocked starting about 24 hours ago.

I also noticed that cloudflare ip ranges began showing up on country lists to be blocked perhaps two weeks ago. Odd but also telling that something seems to be amiss.

Like most giants without a head I see zero methods to contact Cloudflare but here unless you have a commercial account and pay gobs of cash.

Everything from VPNs to EDR/EPP to mom and pops shops are now blocked.

I only note this as a passing thought, the company I work for was looking at cloudflare and I was a primary on that investigation, I can tell you this has seriously colored my view of the service. Is that a threat? No but like any service that is viewed as failing its a blackmark against it. Ergo, you just dropped notch compared to you competitors.

It could be my isp but I worked with them for nigh three hours and they are a large one hence if they were doing this it would impact many people. If it was targeted I’d probably have had a warning at the least. Fact is I am no one to target, my systems are clean and there are no reports of wide spread outage. Ergo, unlikely at the least it’s the ISP nor my systems (longer story of proof than it’s worth).

This almost looks like a major compromise in light of log4j of cloudflare, some 1990s corporate baby fighting or simply (more likely) a matter of an IP (dhcp) that was previously put on a garbage BL that cloudflare has chosen to ingest without thorough review.

How do I contest what appears to be an IP being blocked by Cloudflare?

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