Ip blocked despite waf

Greetings, despite using the attached rules I can see the activity logs (Events) some IP in the list are getting blocked. Is this WAF custom rule configuration correct?.

It is normal that it shows you the events of what have been blocked, so that you have a possibility of looking at eventual incorrect blocks and can handle such accordingly.

As long as you see the “Action taken” field is “Block” for IP addresses that doesn’t match your IP List, then they would have been (successfully) blocked on the Cloudflare Edge, e.g. before reaching your server(s).

Hi, thank you for the response. The blocked IPs are in the list that that I excluded from being blocked. Thank you

And the name of the rule with your list ends with “R-PRIME ERPS”?

Hi, R-PRIME ERPS is the rule name, from the initial post you can see the configuration and the IPs List name

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