IP Block not working?

Hello Guys,

I just set a Firewall IP Block Rule for my Ip-Adress to test if the Firewall will block my ip. But i can still access my site.

I tried blocking my ipv4 ip adress and also my ipv6 both didnt work?

How can this be possible?

Can you post a screenshot of that particular rule as well your entire rule list?

Also, make sure the IP address really matches what you get https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=my+ip

Thank you for the fast answer.

I blocked my Ip like that:

and this how i blocked my ipv4:

I created my account today. MY DNS ist verified and everything else is working fine. What could be the problem?

That should actually work just fine. What about the rule list and the second statement?

Also, did you ensure you are actually going via the proxies?

I only have those 2 rules in my rule list.

What do you mean by actually going via the proxies? The IP Adress i blocked there is my own ip adress.

What is your domain?

https://meingebrauchtwagen-profi.de/ is my domain

In this case, whats the output of these commands?

ping meingebrauchtwagen-profi.de
nslookup meingebrauchtwagen-profi.de
ping www.meingebrauchtwagen-profi.de
nslookup www.meingebrauchtwagen-profi.de

where should i test those commads?

On the command line.

where is the command line? or where should i enter them?

Never mind, whats the output of http://meingebrauchtwagen-profi.de/cdn-cgi/trace?

When i enter the url i get to my wordpress website and it shows that page was not found?

That means you are not going via the Cloudflare proxies and hence the block cant take effect. This is most likely a DNS propagation issue on your end. You can either reboot all routers and modems you have and hope this clears any caches or simply wait several hours and then try again.

so the problem is caused by my ip adress? Why i dont connected via the Cloudflare proxie?

I just explained that before.

Sorry i dont really understand… What does DNS Propagation mean?


Okay i will wait a few hours and keep you updated! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOW FOR YOUR HELP!! YOU ARE A GREAT GUY <3

Now it is working! Do I have to wait every Time now so long till the ip is blocked or will it now work faster?