IP blacklisted from cloudflare

Hi there, my home IP (static) has recently been blacklisted by cloudflare

this is leading to alot of frustration, everytime I visit a website I have to do a hcaptcha, I’ve been using the privacy pass plugin but this does not work on my mobile phone.

I’d like to get my IP unblacklisted, as changing it would be a pain, since I have a VPN server and PROXY server for personal use (I use an encrypted proxy tunnel to my house when at public wifi and a VPN if I am travelling countries) I do not share this proxy server with anyone, and it is strictly for personal use.

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Close ALL TABS in ALL your browsers on EVERY PC and phone on your home (wifi or ethernet) network, use Clear Recent History feature of the browser and delete all cookies and cache from time==Everything. Something is generating a high request volume from your IP. Your “proxy server” isn’t secure, or you have an infected browser extension that either as malware is being an anonymous proxy for blackhats, or the TOS of some game on one of your androids or in a browser extension says your device agrees to be an anonymous proxy to use the game (monetization). CF blacklists are per domain, not global AFAIK, so you need to use wireshark and change your wifi password until you figure out what created a high API request volume to a certain site.

I did reset everything, I suspect it got blocked due to my home server, so I’ve unplugged it till I figure out whats wrong

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