IP Blacklisted by SpamHaus

Hi there,
My website IP has been blacklisted by SpamHaus. As a result my email provider is blocking my emails that include links to my website from being sent to my subscribers.

The IP blacklisted is:

I checked my website using several tools and it seems that only SpamHaus is blacklisting it. This is a new issue as I have been sending many emails with the same email provider and never had this issue before.

What can be done for the IP to be removed from the blacklist by Cloudflare?
I sent a message to the support team, waiting for an answer.
Thank you

Hi @authenticfoodquest,

This topic may be of interest:

Based on that other topic, it sounds like Trust & Safety will have to deal with this. Can you post the ticket # here?


Yes sure!
Ticket #2172098
Is there a way to contact “Trust & Safety” or I’ll stick with my original ticket for now :smile: ?

For specific purposes like reporting abuse, yes, but as far as I know, not for something like this. I would stick with the ticket for now and let them pass it on or escalate if needed.

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Ok cool thanks for the advice!

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No problem, I’ve added your topic/ticket to a queue for the next support engineer who comes into the Community. Hopefully that will be tomorrow, if you don’t get a reply before then.

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Awesome! Thanks so much.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately, we can’t always guarantee that our IPs do not land on spam lists as most of the times these IPs are shared between customers. Now, the best options to guarantee that this changes is, that you either use a separate short-link or subdomain which is grey-clouded, which then redirects to your site. Alternatively, if that’s not possible or if you want to keep it orange clouded, there are still two options:

  1. We can enable static IPs for your zone and hope that they are not spam listed (please contact support for this), or
  2. You can upgrade to a higher plan, as each plan has a different set of IPs which are increasingly unlikely to be marked as spam.

In my personal opinion, I think the provider should stop spam checking the link domain’s IP address. They should check for domains only in such case. But that’s another topic.


Thank you for the recommendation! This is exactly what I did. Changed all my links to bitly and it’s working all fine.
Agree with the fact that the provider shouldn’t check the link domain’s IP address.
A change of provider will most likely resolve this issue :smile:

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Well, I read somewhere that using short links flags mails in Gmail, and they are more likely to be caught as spam.

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