IP Banned?

How can I find out if my IP is Banned? SEO PowerSuite says CloudFlare banned my IP.

Other than the SEO PowerSuite message, is something not working?

SEO PowerSuite is showing errors for every page because I have an image in a side column on my site which is linked to a page on Avvo.com. This is what SEO PowerSuite said:

This is to let you know that our developers have investigated your case and found out that the issue is that the avvo website is under Cloudflare protection. When this is the case, once an IP address gets banned, the pages return 403 status code with CAPTCHA:

It appears that your IP has been banned, so the page returns the 403 status code.

It’s most likely because Avvo has ratcheted up their security levels. You’d have to contact them (Avvo) and have them whitelist your IP address, or lower their security levels a bit.


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