IP Banned & Restricted, How to remove the block?


Hello, how are you?

I have a problem with an IP address that has been blocked & restricted in Cloudflare both at the navigation level and at the DNS resolver level

Already the malware incident is solved. But I can not find a way to release the IP address. How can I request a delist? remove the ip or a recategorization?


Best way is to power off your model for a few minutes then power it back on to hope your ISP gets you a new IP. If not, it can take a few weeks to a few months without malicious activity for your IP reputation to reset to normal. The exact timeframe it takes for your reputation to be reset, and subsequently no longer receive captchas/be unblocked, isn’t public for obvious reasons.

It is a fixed IP, it has been years and it is from a server not from a common PC.

This is the problem :S

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