Ip-api.com API integration issue

Hello team.
How are you today ?

When I send request to my backend, I want to get player’s ip address.
But when my ip is Russia IP address and when I get request on my backend, If I check user’s ip I am seeing that is Cloudflare IP

  1. as: “AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.”
  2. city: “Frankfurt”
  3. country: “Germany”
  4. countryCode: “DE”
  5. isp: “Cloudflare, Inc.”
  6. lat: 50.1109
  7. lon: 8.6821
  8. org: “Cloudflare WARP”
  9. query: “”
  10. region: “HE”
  11. regionName: “Hesse”
  12. status: “success”
  13. timezone: “Europe/Berlin”
  14. zip: “”

What is hte issue of this ?

You probably need to restore the visitor IP address