IP and DNS issues

Hello. We have a dedicated IP (kei.pl).

Domain: socjomania.pl

Our client has raised a security concern - upon checking in nslookup, the addresses ( and of DNS servers appear. In the case of connections to our domain, these addresses appear in the logs and are considered unsafe.

Kei.pl indicated that we should contact Cloudflare:

The domain socjomania.pl is delegated to Cloudflare DNS servers, and it directs records not directly to the hosting IP at Kei but to Cloudflare’s IP addresses, which act as a proxy. The browser sends HTTP requests to Cloudflare, which connects to the server at Kei, retrieves the website code, and serves it to the browser. If any Cloudflare IP addresses are flagged by certain applications/blacklists, it would be advisable to address this with Cloudflare.

How can we fix this?

You need to set your DNS entries to unproxied

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And your host also needs to fix the SSL certificate on their server.

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