IP Adresses

Hi there

Where do I find the following information.
I need to enter my IPv4 and IPv6 records for my domain.

There is currently a problem with me sending/receiving email so hopefully obtaining this information should help this process to be completed.

Many thanks

You need to ask your hosting provider for that information.

The receiving problem is often due to:

  1. Incorrect MX records.

  2. If the destination of your MX record(s) are ending in your own domain, e.g. mail.example.com, with example.com being your domain, then you need to set the Proxy status for all AAAA and A record(s) with the name “mail” to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

In order to be able to assist further than that, you will at the bare minimum need to share your domain name.

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