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We need the IP address of a visitor to our website. Is there a possibility in the free account of Cloudflare to search the LOG files of the server for IP addresses that had access?

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Only if the requests were blocked/challenged by the Cloudflare Firewall. You should consult the logs on your origin server for the visitor IP address.

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Thanks for the feedback. Your origin server says:

Since a third party provider was connected in front of the server for the domain, we could not find any entries for the IP address since only the IP address of the third party provider appears here.
Since this was not set up by us, please contact the third-party provider in this case.

Therefore, we searched Cloudflare, but could not see an overview of the IP’s in the administration.

Cloudflare sends the original IP address in the CF-Connecting-IP request header. You can read more about restoring the original visitor IP here.

If your hosting provider logs the entire request including headers, then you can simply retrieve the original IP from the header mentioned above. Otherwise I am afraid you’re out of luck as Cloudflare does not store access logs by default.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll have the hoster check this again to see if the header can be read. Otherwise we have unfortunately bad luck. Thanks a lot

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