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I am the owner of the website http://www.infozona.sk. The domain infozona.sk points to an IP address that belongs to Cloudflare. Please let me know if infozona.sk is hosted here and provide me with access. If it is not hosted here, please let me know the real IP address. I need to know where my website is hosted.

Thank you

Martin Ruscansky

As your site is using Cloudflare, someone will have set this up for you. You, or they, can try to recover access as here…

If you can’t get access to the Cloudflare account, then you will need to take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at your registrar to those for a new Cloudflare account or another DNS provider. Cloudflare will not give you any information about the contents of an account that you cannot access.

If you can’t locate your host, then check who you are paying for hosting or try looking up your historical DNS data at securitytrails.com which may help you find the host.

Thanks for your answer.
The problem why I don´t have accesses to my acount here is that I can´t contact my IT support. The man from my IT support is not avaliable and my web is not working. His mail is [email protected] is photo: 445788873_833564298801933_8376036271157394929_n (2) (1) (2)|690x388 Please help me to get to my acount.

If it’s your account, you can only try the processes I described above to recover access or take control of your domain.

If it’s not your account, then there is no way that Cloudflare will give you access or any information about what is in it.

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