IP Adress showing in my kaspersky network scvhost connection

Hi, I registered to this forum to ask this question.

Since the last 3 days, I have been monitoring my internet traffic because I had to format my computer since I had a trojan virus.

Under my kaspersky network monitoring, I see that scvhost connected to
That IP seems to be a Cloudflare IP adress. Note that I’m a windows 7 user, and I have no clue how this IP address got to interact with my computer.

Can someone explain to me, why is scvhost communicating with Cloudflare, even tho, I have no opened browser, and this connection occurs soon after I reboot?


Cloudflare can’t help with why your computer is making this connection. Have you tried doing a Google search for ‘scvhost’?

sCVhost is presumably some malware, sVChost is a generic Windows service (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svchost.exe).

In any way, not Cloudflare related :man_shrugging:

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Yes a typo on my end, I meant SVCHost. Im just wondering why would a Cloudflare IP adress would trigger upon booting my computer.

If it’s not in anyway Cloudflare related, why is it that the host process of windows connects through a Cloudflare ip adress, does it check for certificates updates on boot? If so, why does microsoft checks certificates with Cloudflare?

That is a question for yourself :wink: not Cloudflare. As @sdayman already mentioned, nobody here can help you with what software you might have installed on your machine that might connect via Cloudflare to somewhere.

I doubt that this is the case, but even if it would be a question for Microsoft.

In short, with the information given so far it is impossible to say what is going on, but that topic would be relatively off-topic here anyhow.

I think I might have nailed it but I’m not 100% sure. I have a WiFi brother printer. Upon lauch, the control center of the printer is launched at boot. I deactivated the auto startup of the control center and I have not see any Cloudflare connection since with the svchost.

If it boils down to not using the printer anymore, well I guess I’m never going to use a wireless printer on my computer.

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