IP addresses while using WARP

Visiting with with WARP, I can see my device is connected to xyz colo and is using a public CF IP address.
However, visiting whatismyip.com shows a different public CF IP. Both IPs are from the same location and the same subnet.
What is the one warp trace is showing? All IP checker websites shows the other IP.
When WARP is turned off, both warp trace and IP checker sites show the same IP

Hello there,

What can happen is to be assigned a different IP each time you connect to WARP. It should only change public IP if you reconnect, whether manually or due to connection disruption, either on a trace or any other third party tool. Did you notice a disruption of connection in your case?

Have, nonetheless, our docs:


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Thank you for the information.
No service interruption happened.
While using warp I was just wondering why I could see xxx.xxx.xxx.100 in warp trace site and xxx.xxx.xxx.103 on websites showing IP and UAG data.