IP addresses of the visitors are not determined

The settings were made on the website according to the instructions. However, the IP addresses of the visitors are not determined. We think this is a bug on the Cloudflare side.

These instructions?

The visitor IP addresses are given by the CF-Connecting-IP header so make sure you are seeing that.


Hello, yes everything is correct!
We made the settings according to the instructions and see the correct IP visitors on our hosting. We found out that the problem is in the script for collecting and processing data from our search engine Yandex.ru. We sent them many messages asking for comments, but technical support ignores our letters. We think this is due to the fact that there really is a problem, but Yandex cannot tell us about it. At the moment, in the Yandex web analysis system, we do not see key queries that lead to transitions to the site and they are direct. We are upset.

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