IP addresses in SPF records

Trying to create records in Email Security, and I don’t know what are the IP addresses it asks me for. Where can I find IPv4 and IPv6 ? I get what I need to do for the rest, but I think I created a misconfigured record, so how do I delete the wrong record to undo ? I’m asking because I don’t see my created records or anything.

You need to ask the email provider you use for your outbound email messages.

Typically they would however give you a hostname to include, rather than the exact IPv6/IPv4 addresses.


Ok, and I am asking two questions, one is about the IP addresses.

The other is about how can I delete a misconfigured record. I want to know if I can see my created records and manage them.


Deleting records is as simple as clicking “Edit” on an existing record, and you will see a red “Delete” button.

A list of records (and the management for that) can be found here:


Also note that even though they are referred to as SPF records, they are actually created as TXT records in the DNS system, holding content starting with “v=spf1”.


Ok, thanks a lot.

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