Ip addresses dont see

Hi.my hosting provider says that my site receives a lot of requests from certain IP addresses. but I don’t see them in the statistics. I even blocked them in waf. but there are none. hosting blocked my site. what should I do?


Thank you for asking.

My best guess is that those could be Cloudflare IPs trying to connect to your origin host/server from your web hosting provider :thinking:

Might be your hosting provider didn’t allowed Cloudflare IPs to connect to it? If so, I’d suggest below the instructions from the article below to your hosting provider:

Nevertheless, Cloudflare IPs can be found here:

Just in case, I wonder if you could ask your hosting provider to check for you if the IPs are from Cloudflare network or if you could share some examples here with us form your acceess log file(s)?

If you or your hosting provider are seeing Cloudflare IPs in the log files, I’d suggest below article to restore the real visitor IPs in the log files, if so:

Using Cloudflare Firewall Rules or?

May I ask if you are experiencing an error or the hosting rather changed the CHMOD of the root “public_html” or “www” directory and you cannot access your website now? :thinking:

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