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We developed a landing page for a client on our server. It will remain on our server under a specific client url directory. However we would like to use it with cloudflare. Already tried to add the site (landing page) with our ip address, but the only thing I get is Invalid domain (Code: 1002)

Question: Is it possible to get cloudlare only in our landing page even if our client doesn´t want it in their domain?


Can you post more details about that setup?

That page is supposed to show up only on one domain, right? Not related to any other domain? Could you post the domain in question?


The page is supposed to show only on one directory of our client domain Ex: www.clientdomain.com/directory
I want keep our client domain private but we asked them to create a specific directory that points to the ip of our server, where is hosted our landing page.
I can not assume that our client wants cloudflare, but for security reasons I would like to have our landing page with clouflare. Is it possible?


You can configure a redirect from that directory to a domain that is behind Cloudflare. Is that what you imagine?


Yes. The problem is that I do not have any domain on my server, only an ip address (


You need a domain for Cloudflare in the first place. So your client could register a domain, place it behind Cloudflare, and from there you configure your server to properly respond to such requests.


Thanks. I´ll give it a try.


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