IP Address?

I’ve setup my nameservers:

Where do I Find the IP Addresses for them? I’ve looked everywhere I can think in my account and have just gotten more confused.

Any assistance on where to get this information?

It’s best to not put a fixed IP if not needed, but some registrars require them, so simply resolve them using any available DNS lookup tool.

$ dig rohin.ns.cloudflare.com
rohin.ns.cloudflare.com. 86400	IN	A

$ dig ruth.ns.cloudflare.com
ruth.ns.cloudflare.com.	77282	IN	A

I’m new at this and typically leave this part alone, but a client bought a domain through a horrible registrar and I’m having to fix it for her and found out that I can use Cloudflare to forward her domain because her registrar in incapable of such a simple task.

When you say it’s best not to put in a Fixed IP address, what does that mean? Does that mean if I leave it blank it “should” work?

It’s been over the 24 hours I was told to wait and still nothing has happened after putting in the Name Servers, so I guess I’ll go ahead and put in the IP addresses. Is that correct?

Thank for your help!

If the registrar doesn’t have a field for IP addresses don’t put an IP there.

Would you mind writing the domain?

I am now completely and utterly confused. I went to the registrar and they said all of this needs to be done with Cloudflare because that’s where my NameServers are going. (I really don’t know what I’m doing and want to setup a simple redirect).

I went through Cloudflare’s instructions and after adding NameServers, it stopped. The only DNS records I have are the NameServers. When I added the IP Address, I get an error message.

The Domain is Talkandbark.com I think it’s wanting some kind of A record, but I don’t know what to put in it.

I feel like I’m missing part of the instructions and only have the DNS partially setup.

Ok, first of all, are you really sure the domain is talkandbark.com? Because that website isn’t registered and it’s for sale.

Second, if the page it shows on the root is that one, which is Cloudflare’s, means the setup is probably good.

Third, if you simply want a redirect, put a random address as A (I would put as it’s a test IP, for both root and www) and make sure it’s :orange:. Then there is the Page Rule.

You can read more about this in our community tutorial.

■■■■ - BarkandTalk.com I’m been messing around with this for so long that I can’t think straight.

I set up the Page Rule yesterday, but it’s the IP I’m missing. When I added it I now get a different 522 error.

The page rule is not setup correctly (as there should be two), can you share a screenshot of that? This is looking good, registrar’s side as well.

I see, remove the https:// in front of the domain name of the first page rule (and add a * after each domain in the page rule to catch all, after the .com), I believe that is the issue. I don’t expect you to have enabled Always Use HTTPS on this website (it doesn’t really matter, unless you go full on with HSTS, but let’s not get carried away, since you are redirecting away), but it doesn’t hurt.


OMG! It’s working! Thank you so much for helping me with this. There were so many little parts I was missing I would have never gotten them all figured out.

Thank you!!

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