IP Address with Port Number to DNS

How to convert an IP address with a port address to DNS name?
My IP is like this xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3000
Appreciate your help.

For the most part DNS does not have any concept of port number.

(SRV records do, but few things use them)

So how should I fix the issue?

As @thedaveCA said, SRV is the only way to add a port number in a DNS record, but it’s of limited use.

Another option would be to use a Page Rule to forward a specific request to a hostname and port number. Keep in mind that Port 3000 can not be proxied by Cloudflare, so whatever hostname your page rule points to can not be set to :orange:.

If I am not wrong, the commonly used ports are 80 and 443 right and I should be using these ports right?
What are the ports that Cloudflare can proxy?

Please correct my understanding here.

So I should change to any one of the above ports right?

@sdayman can you please answer?

Can anyone help please?

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