IP address of cloudflare pages


I want to know what is my IP address for Cloudflare pages - https://explorefrontend.pages.dev/

I would like to enable call from this website IP address to Amazon EC2

You can whitelist by ASN instead.

Can you please tell me how?

In security > inbond rules there is no option for ASN.

You will have to whitelist all the IP addresses listed here: https://www.cloudflare.com/ips/

If i enable IP then anyone can hit my server who is using Cloudflare

I assume you are using Pages Functions? HTTP requests from Pages Functions can come from any of Cloudflare’s IP addresses. Your Pages site does not have a dedicated IP address.

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That is correct. You should not rely on IP based ACLs from a shared environment. You should do an additional layer of authentication on your Origin server, which could be as simple as verifying the existence of a secret header you set in your function/worker.

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When you say ‘verify-’, do you mean redirect: follow ? Because we cannot yet use anything but GET in workers, and functions are public to the client, which is why I assume .env for the pages create react app framework is featured to not work.