IP address not propagating after enabling proxy

I have enabled the proxy for the main A records for our account. However when I use a propagation tool like whatsmydns or dnschecker or query the A records using mxtoolbox I can still see the original IP address of our server, and not the cloudflare IP.

It has been close to 2 hours since the change was made, and given the TTL is 300 seconds I would have thought it would have propagated by now?


When did you change the nameservers? They can take longer to propagate.

What is the domain name?

The domain name is jollyes.co.uk

I did not change the nameservers, I just enabled proxy pass through on the existing record.

It’s resolving to Cloudflare IPs ok for me and across public DNS…

(you could proxy the CNAME for the www record as well if you want)

Is your own/ISP’s/browser resolver ignoring the TTL?

Thank you for the reply

Locally it’s resolving to the servers IPs, not cloudflare IPs

https://dnschecker.org/#A/www.jollyes.co.uk is also showing the original IPs
as are these tools

I was expecting to see these all update to Cloudflare IPs

Ah yes, the apex domain is ok but not www. Turn on the proxy for the CNAME for www.


Thank you - I missed that in your earlier post. I have enabled proxy on the CNAME record. I can see it’s propagated now already. Thank you again for your help!

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