"IP address not found"?

I am new to Cloudflare, so im learning as I go. The issue is my phone reports IP address not found as seen in the screenshot. Either typing in the link or finding it on google, same issue. It seems to be an issue with Cloudflare as I have not changed anything involving the site other than setting up Cloudflare. Please help!

Also since I’m new here, I wasn’t sure if I could put the link so I blurred it.

It’s ok to post the link.

If your domain is indeed using Cloudflare name servers, it’s likely you don’t have DNS entries for that URL set at Cloudflare for your host to be reached.

Oh, I did get an error about the DNS records being unable to be found, but it let me continue so thought it was fine. I’ll try fixing that.

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To debug this problem …

  1. Make sure your domain is pointing to the Cloudflare nameservers/ You can check via https://dnschecker.org/

  2. Login to Cloudflare, go to DNS tab, make sure all records specially for example.com and www.example.com are present in the form of A, AAAA, CNAME with correct destination IP address.

  3. If you believe everything is okay in last two steps, but still not working consider changing once your public DNS resolver to, services. You can make changes via this Android Application on your phone

  4. Also, you may try to Flush once DNS cache of browser.
    In Chrome browser, type in address bar chrome://net-internals/#dns and then press the Clear host cache button

  5. Try checking your site on the another device.

Thanks for the help, it apparently was the DNS records.

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